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WWDC 2014 and flying unicorns

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held from 2nd to 6th June in San Francisco and it is highly likely that Apple will announce its next iOS and OS X software updates. One the occasion of WWDC, I’m trying to add a spin on all of the rumours out there about the much anticipated event.


What exactly will be revealed has not yet been made known but it is expected that iOS8 will include a new app named Healthbook, which is a collection of health-related data. There are some leaked images about this app. It looks like a passbook in which data about health and fitness are sorted and put in varies categories: Emergency Card, Activity, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Heart Rate, Hydration, Nutrition, Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate and Weight. It seems that the presence of the Emergency Card aims at collecting the contact information and recording the medical conditions of the users so that these important data can be provided to doctors in case of accidents.


More than these, users who emphasize on health can wear their sleek iWatch when proceeding sports. The physical movement and sleep quality of the users can be tracked and recorded. The workout of each sporting session including how many calories are burnt will be calculated. On the other hand, users can figure out how many calories you have gained after a meal or a party with friends. Apart from these, patients can set reminders for themselves to make sure they take medicine on time, so it is a great tool for tool for them.

 Notification Center

In addition to the availability of the Health book, it is likely that iOS8 will demonstrate some in existing apps and services on the iPhone as well as the iPad. For instance, the Notification Center will be simplified and the home screen will be treated as an apps launcher. That means users will be allowed to have an overview of what is going on. It is also expected that there will be reminders about important dates such as birthdays of friends.


The iCloud app of iOS8 will be enhanced as well. The update about the latest apps, whether or not they are free, will be shown automatically. All these enable users to manage their apps more effectively. There will also be new apps for editing images as well as documents. The capability of organizing and managing the files will be enhanced too; users will no long need to consider which file can be directly attached to the mailbox.


Another significant will be shown by the Maps app, which has been criticized for its missing data and location errors. It is expected that information about transit directions and indoor mapping will be made available and the Points of Interest will get d. What’s more, the performance of Siri will be enhanced by expanding its ability to interface with other apps since one of the key input methods may be the voice assistant.


Song recognition may also be enabled with the presence of iOS8. Through this way, the songs which are being listened by users will be identified automatically. The options about purchasing these songs will be provided. That will certainly bring users who have intention to buy the songs great convenience. The music sales via iTunes will be boosted as well. High definition audio playback may also be introduced along with new in-ear headphones and a Lightning cable of high quality to enhance the overall audio feature.

Mobile Payment

One more expectation is that a new mobile payment service will come with iOS 8. With the availability of such a service, users can buy their desire physical goods and services on iPhone. If it is true, it will be an impressive breakthrough as currently, only apps, songs and other digital contents can be purchased from the iTune Store. This payment service will also be accompanied by the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which was first introduced when the iPhone 5S became available on market.

Multi-App view

With iOS8, iPad users may be allowed to multiple tasks at the same time as well. Some are claiming that there will be an addition of the split-screen multi-tasking technology and the smooth interaction between two apps will be available. For instance, users can drag text or images from one app to another through the introduction of XPC service. These two features may contribute to the leading position of Apple.


One of the last minutes rumours is Apple will be entering the home automation market. iOS 8 will be introduced with a framework to assist in


I touched base on each and every rumor out there, some of them are interesting and some are really out there. At WWDC 2014, Apple will redefine the mobile space and set the tone and trend for the next 12 months. Haters will go “meh”, Fanboys will be on their knees praising “we’re not worthy” (Sadly I have to admit I’m one of them) and the blogsphere will go wild for weeks on end… Can’t wait!!