in iOS


One of staples of iOS interface is the ever pervasive UIActivityIndicatorView. It is used everywhere in iOS designs to indicate that the app is busy and  that the user must wait.


The problem is that it is boring and needs a good scrub to refresh its design.

So, I have built a subclass of UIActivityIndicatorView that permits you to override the current animation. I’ve called it KSActivityIndicatorView.

You can download it here: Github

It’s drop-in replacement for UIActivityIndicatorView and it has added ability to colorize its custom animation, using tintColor.

KSActivityIndicatorView also has a feature the stock UIActivityIndicatorView doesn’t have, a way to stop the animation on a specific image.

- (void)setIndicatorProgressPosition:(CGFloat) progress

This help you set the current position of the animation as a percentage. It is useful for showing interactive animation progress, like in a pull-to-refresh control.
Let me know what you think.