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Possible iOS split-screen alternative

In the final days leading up to WWDC 2014, rumours started circulating about a split-screen view for iPads (here). Some were excited. But some questioned the presented method as it is less intuitive and requires new muscle memory and gestures.

After June 2nd, these rumours were obviously proven wrong and talking about a new way to multitask has died down.

But something during WWDC caught my attention.

Listen to this part of the keynote presented by Craig Federighi, it’s around the 51:30 mark.

Here’s a transcript of what he said (emphasis mine)

The piece I love the best is what we’ve done with composing messages. Have you ever found yourself composing an email and then you really wish like you can get to something else in your inbox maybe for that reply, well now you can, just swipe that message down and you have access to the rest of your mail.

The only purpose for a split-screen view is to get to something else. I believe this is a hint of what’s to come for multi-app split screen.

What do you guys think?