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Futuristic Gadgets I’m excited about

There is no doubt that we all are looking for ways to raise our standard of living. The current home gadgets have brought us great convenience and enjoyment over the years, but that does not stop us from looking to more convenience in our future gadgets. Inventing new gadgets is an obviously effective way to improve our standard of living. Here are some future home gadgets which may make us excited and longing for…

Thinner Television with higher Resolution (4K)

Although the small screen is getting more and more attention these days (tablets, mobile phones are becoming more and more the primary way of consuming video content) theres a lot to be said about the staple of a lot of home, that is the TV. TV’s are not immune to progress as new materials and technologies are holding a lot of promise. 4K TVs are slowly becoming mainstream which one day will replace the current HD1080 standard of video format. Technology changes will also come from OLED and MicroLED displays that offer better colour reproduction as well as brightness and contrast.

Wireless Charger for All Devices

In this era of technology, we own more and more portable devices. Filling a drawer with multiple power cables can cause a big headache indeed. If there is a wireless charger, we do not need to care about what adapters should be used, or if there are sufficient sockets. We can simply place all our portable devices onto a single plate-like device to recharging the batteries. Not only does that save our space for storing power cables, but we can also enjoy greater convenience. Not seeing lots of power cables connecting to various sockets can enhance the appearance of our homes as well.


We’re surrounded with technology. We’re also obsessed with our social media. Wearables are coming in full force in 2014, with Samsung introducing its Gear brand, and Motorola working on their wearable watch, to Google offering Google Glass to the public, the trend of wearables is upon us. There is no short speculation about Apple’s foray into the wearable market, design of such an advanced gadget may be similar to a watch, being light, slim and stylish. Speculation is also pointing towards concentration on Heath and fitness, where the wearable from apple will be your Health companion. I will wait and see, bt its definitely something I’m looking forward to own!

3D Printer for Home Users

3D printing has been available but this invention cannot be enjoyed by everyone yet. It is likely that the development in this aspect will be more sophisticated in the future so that the production cost will be greatly lowered and the price of a 3D printer will be affordable to a normal citizen. With such a gadget, we can design our own products and make them real. That means we can also start our business at home with the help of Internet services.


Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

Yup, the is for you germaphobes out there. Studies have shown that door handles are one often ignored areas of a home with a cesspool of the areas consisting of lots of bacteria. If they can get sterilized with the integration of UV light, we will no longer worry about germs spreading through door handles. The availability of such a gadget can prove to be very essential in our life, especially withe the era of super-bugs that appeared because of our abusive behaviour with antibiotics.


Bathroom Mirror Integrated with Television

In order to have some entertainment, there are televisions installed in bathrooms. But the installation also means more space is occupied. So, it will be ideal with we can reduce the use of space by combining a television set with a bathroom mirror. By pressing a button, the mirror will become a television and users can enjoy watching their favorite TV programs while having a bath or shave. Switching off the TV, it will become a mirror again. If such a gadget were available on market, bathing will become more enjoyable regardless of the size of the bathroom.