Best feature of Swift

It’s been a bit more than a month that I’ve been playing around with Swift. I’m still in the awe phase. Programming with Objective-C has always been fun, but with Swift it gets better. Kudos to Apple’s engineers for developing a well thought out language.

Swift fixes a lot of C’s and Objective-C’s shortfalls. It is designed from the ground up to be a safe language where memory management and common programming errors and are thing of the past.

One of the biggest gripes I have with objective-c is that NSArray didn’t return a typed object. Every object we get from an NSArray must be cast into a temporary variable in order to use it.

Java had typed arrays for a long time but it wasn’t enforced by it’s compiler, so programmer got away with defining untyped arrays.

In Swift this is all gone, all arrays and dictionaries are typed from the moment they’re defined.

Writing in Swift should make for more stable programs, quicker updates and better code portability from one project to another.

In my honest opinion, I believe the automatic type inference and Array/Dictionary typed value is the best feature of Swift.

What about you? What feature of Swift you like the most?

Possible iOS split-screen alternative

In the final days leading up to WWDC 2014, rumours started circulating about a split-screen view for iPads (here). Some were excited. But some questioned the presented method as it is less intuitive and requires new muscle memory and gestures.

After June 2nd, these rumours were obviously proven wrong and talking about a new way to multitask has died down.

But something during WWDC caught my attention.

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Futuristic Gadgets I’m excited about

There is no doubt that we all are looking for ways to raise our standard of living. The current home gadgets have brought us great convenience and enjoyment over the years, but that does not stop us from looking to more convenience in our future gadgets. Inventing new gadgets is an obviously effective way to improve our standard of living. Here are some future home gadgets which may make us excited and longing for…

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