Cost of using Google Maps

I wasn’t really shocked when I found this, but damn! it really pushes the envelop on how much Google services are costing us!

If you ever logged into your Google account in Google Maps from Android or iOS, there’s a link you should know about:

What this means you’re being followed for better advertising dollars.

This is the true cost of Google Maps. Some will say it’s a small price to pay, and I’m sure many are oblivious to it, many that will be up at arms defending it and more will be upset by it.


Swift vs Objective-C

Swift is an awesome new language for iOS developers. It’s a first class citizen in terms of compiler support that mean going forward, Apple will be favouring this language over objective-c.

I’m currently writing an overview about what Swift means for Objective-C programmers. I should be completing it soon, so stay tuned…

WWDC… W stands for Wow!


Just wow! the WWDC keynote just finished. Where to start?

Apple on June 2nd, 2014 just blew the doors on every other platform. Don’t even think of Android, don’t give BB (remember them) any thought, forget Tizen (were we not already?!). They introduced the ultimate development platform.

From a new programming language, to a realtime development engine, to HealthKit, SpriteKit, SceneKit, HomeKit, Swift, Xcode 6, iCloud Drive, Cloud kit, … the list is so big.

There’s a lot to cover. I will try to recap the most important subject in the coming days…

Just one thing stood out from Apple… Apple is just wow!

Hello World


Hello everyone!

This is an attempt for me to collect my thoughts. I’ll be trying to regularly update this blog with my thoughts, ideas and tricks that I learn on my journey to become the ultimate programmer, there can only be one!! :)

So stay tuned!